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DUAL SITE: A Psychogeographic Dinner Theater / Whitney Art Works January 2010

Part two of a long-term nomadic-dinner-theatre. Our first experiment, Blue Hammer, resulted in sold-out shows, with dinner served to 180 audience members, and the formation of an emergent network of Maine artists, farmers, designers, architects, technicians, students, and writers.

For the entire month of January 2010, 12 performances, our company of actors chefs, designers, media technicians will be in residency at Whitney Art Works. We will be presenting a premiere performance, DUAL SITE, featuring two actors in acts of reclamation and recollection: Paris, 1850, excerpts from the Journals of the Goncourt Brothers – Russia, 1929, two men seek answers in a doll store, just under the heel of Stalinist annihilation, adapted from a short play by A.A. Amal’rik – Warsaw, 1944, the last two gardeners, in the last Jewish garden in the Ghetto – drawn from the book DEFIANT GARDENS by Kenneth Helphand. Each night, between sequences, a three-course dinner will be served to the 35 members of the audience in custom produced porcelain bowls, in collaboration with Maine chefs, bakers and farmers. Throughout the run of the show, we will operate a graphic-arts production workshop in the gallery issuing press-releases, posters, pamphlets, recipes and contemporary propaganda. The gallery will, in addition, function during the day as a showroom for a range of design prototypes.

This production will feature furniture prototypes from Jamie Johnston, limited edition letterpress by Megan O’Connell, Chef and Baker Barak Olins featuring produce and supplies from local farms, and new sonic compositions from Joey Bargsten.

In addition, the show moves to New York for one night, January 15, at the The Issue Project Room in Brooklyn.

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September 25, 2009 at 5:18 pm

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  1. I’m wondering if you need tickets for the shows and if so, where/when to get them. I’m very excited and hope to attend. Leon Johnson spoke when I was at SMFA, Boston, over the summer for the pre-college program and I wanted to come check it out. Thanks!


    Jessy Lee

    November 6, 2009 at 3:08 pm

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